Catalysing Social Impact

Catalysing Social Impact Is a forum to solve complex societal problems.

Many societal problems are either slow to change, or have solutions that have not gone to scale.

We believe solutions can be found if problems are not narrowly framed, boxed into sectoral thinking and limited by the known. A mix of communities and professionals, the young and experienced, and multi-disciplinary team of doers, thinkers and investors should dive deep and #ShapeTheFuture. We also feel that typical conferences are one way conversations and do not extend serious thinkers the opportunity to #OwnTheConversation.

The forum uses a Solution Circle approach which is inspired by methods like Socrates Circle, Community of Practise, Hackathon and Design Thinking. Solution Circles is a self-organised group of people who hold a common interest, are committed to collective learning, collaboration, advancing the knowledge and practice.

Each of the four solution circles (Themes) focuses on 2-3 threads (Tracks) and each thread works with 2-3 real life use cases.

The results of the forum will be solution in practise. This will be achieved through pilot, experiment, framework, whitepaper, etc – as decided by the Solution Circles. All outputs will be widely available through Creative Commons.

The forum meets online and in-person, over nine months (July 2019 to Mar 2020), with each member giving at least 3 hours a month. Some members may need to dedicate more time based if the take on a more direct role in the solution. All time is voluntary.

The forum will focus largely on India and its societal problems; however the participants (and benefit) will not be limited to India.

This forum is ideated by Catalyst Management Services (CMS) in partnership with sectoral players who would like to see large scale social impact in a sustainable and cost effective way. The first of the series began in 2019, which also happens to be the 25th anniversary of CMS.