Domain Areas

Applying our expertise across Livelihood, Health and Wellbeing for Workforce.

We have extensive experience in supporting enterprises with studies, assessments and business plans to enhance their efficiency and efficacy.

Over the years, we have developed evidence-based models to help scale enterprises. This includes IFC’s sugarcane initiative (which was scaled from 2,000 farmers in the pilot phase to 200,000 farmers) and CottonConnect’s organic cotton programme. We are also the impact evaluators for the National Rural Livelihoods Mission. Our work on Action Research on ‘Understanding the Dynamics of the Traditional Milk Market’, sector won us the 2011 Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) National Award for ‘Excellence in Research’ under the category of 'Significant Contribution to Social Research'.

Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (PIE)

Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (PIE) is a producer-centric digital platform, a transformative systemic solution being built on the Societal Platform approach to improve the incomes (3-10 times) and resilience of small producers; helping them to access all key services in their livelihood journey. PIE is a work in progress with substantial traction in the field, by a collaboration of three passionate partners with complementary skills (farmers, artisans and technology).

The Growing Prosperity of Smallholder Farmers in India.

Vrutti, in collaboration with Catalyst Management Services, Mindtree, Social Venture Partners and Industree, has designed and tested the 3Fold model, which is currently in the process of being scaled up. 3Fold is about building wealthy, resilient and responsible farmers – making them successful entrepreneurs and sustained job creators – while their income increased by three times.

It addresses the key gaps in integrated services (end-to-end), the need for ‘diversified options’ (value addition, farm, allied and off-farm) and is augmented by ‘activators at the field level’ and ‘technology’. 3Fold also fosters a sustainable eco-system at a cluster level, that enables collaborative actions for collective impact. Three parts to this model:

To know more about 3fold

Available as a web platform and integrated Android app, this product enables frontline staff workers in any setting, across thematic areas to:

  • Guide dialogue by the staff on multiple topics as defined by the programme

  • Create reminders and alerts for follow-up

  • Use customised non 1–1 based workflows for reporting and follow up

  • Allow decentralised analysis and decision-making

Built within the framework of a prayer wheel, where every interaction is a continuation of the previous discussion, and enhanced by an easy-to-use UI and support through vernacular languages, this solution helps all the key staff in a programme plan and monitor their programme.

The solution has been used across five states, 45 districts, 84 organisations and 300+ field staff across India.

3Fold is about developing wealthy, resilient and responsible farmers – making them successful entrepreneurs and sustained job creators – helping them increase their income by three times. It believes in the empowerment of farmers and their entrepreneurial potential.

It addresses the key gaps:

  • Lack of integrated services (end-to-end) which are appropriate for the farmers

  • Need for ‘diversified options’ (value addition, farm, allied and off-farm), augmented by ‘integrators/activators at field level’ and ‘technology’

  • Establishment of a sustainable eco-system at a Cluster level that enables collaborative actions for collective impact

This is a digital, societal platform that provides scale and integration to farmers and artisans. It serves the farmer and other stakeholders who play a vital role in the farmer’s livelihood. Such stakeholders are invited to this platform with the intent of exploring new opportunities, expanding business scope, exchanging data and even plugging into each other’s systems through interoperability.

Inspired by the Sustainable Rural Livelihood framework, the Measure of Livelihood is a participative monitoring tool for assessing livelihoods.

The tool has three parts:

  • An iconised reference tool – which lets the community identify themselves with five kinds of persons within their village. The tool is derived from a series of indicators for five capitals, which are locally relevant

  • Detailed case studies of select families. The choice of families is based on the analysis of data from the iconised reference tool

  • Understanding of the vulnerability context, which largely refers to factors affecting people’s livelihood and vulnerability

The first part provides quantitative data and trends on how the five capitals behave within the project area. The second part provides the qualitative aspects, within the same sample, so that managers can take critical decisions such as re-strategising. The third part provides contextual information which validates the first and second parts and also addresses the attributability of changes in livelihoods.

The tool has been used across multiple villages and has helped programmes assess the progress on outcomes easily. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.