Like our partners, we share a joint ambition to
unlock and accelerate impact, scale and
sustainability of development.
Working closely with partners, we invest with a rare mix of resources, deep expertise and on-ground experience, shaping social equity, working across SDG goals.

We envision technology as a force multiplier and paradigm changer for social impact. We specialise in analysing, designing and applying technologies that work for all, especially the poorest and the marginalised. Our expertise stems from our significant experience in field labs, a multi-disciplinary team and partnerships.

DICEFlow (2018)

We developed an Outreach-as-a-solution(OaaS) called DICEFlow, a mobile and web solution that enables continuous and deep community engagement. DICEFlow has been instrumental in delivering key wellness and social protection-based benefits to the poor in Swasti’s Invest4Wellness (i4we) programme.

Taaras (2015 – ongoing)

We pioneered a web and mobile application that simplifies the work being done at the field level and enables better information and service delivery for The Avahan programme, being run in five Indian states.
The Platform is currently being used by more than 400 field workers with live real-time data.

Monitoring Platform for National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Nigeria (NDLEA) (2015 – 16)

We designed a platform and an app that can help monitor all the activities of more than 30 different agencies working with each other across Nigeria. The system enables work plan and milestone tracking at multiple levels.

Simplified Micro Credit Accounting System (2002 – 03)

We created the Simplified Micro-credit accounting system for a project done for the women SHGs built and supported by IFFDC (Indian Farm Forestry Development Cooperative). The tool reduced the need for repeated manual data entry across multiple data registers/books through automated excel-based computations and consolidated data dashboards.

WaSH Assessment System for Hospitals (2016)

Access to real-time data for healthcare facilities and higher administration can help them combat issues like poor Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, which lead to poor treatment outcomes and eventually death. We designed an assessment tool for health facilities. The tool comprises an app that medical officers and hospital superintendents fill in for their facilities. The report is aggregated at the block/district level with further cumulation at the state and national level. Dashboards at various levels help in instant data-driven decision making.


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