About Us

We directly incubate and support ideas, organisations and leaders for a long period of time, sometimes well over a decade, leading to exponential development results.

Some of our synergistic engagements have resulted in development laboratories where our staff converses directly with communities to shape their thinking and skills.

What kinds of ideas?

We incubate ideas till they become realistic development solutions, in the form of concepts, products, models and approaches.

Two prominent examples are the 3-fold model (to build wealthy, resilient and responsible farmers), and the i4we model (an exponential primary health care model). We have incubated more than 25 such ideas which have impacted farmers, rural poor, sex workers, women owned businesses, factory workers, bullock cart workers, milk vendors, etc.

What kind of institutions?

We support and promote community-based organisations (like fisherfolk, sex workers, farmers), NGOs (those into service delivery, policy formulation), micro-finance institutions, producer companies and cooperatives.

Some of our incubated ideas have become full-fledged organisations – like Swasti Health Catalyst, Vrutti Livelihood Impact Partners and Fuzhio Health and Business Services Pvt. Limited. which operate as our sister organisations, but have grown to be significant development players in their own right.

What kinds of leaders?

Our leaders are people who work in the development sector, and who lead programmes, organisations and networks. They range from community leaders to those with NGOs, government departments,and corporate foundations. Some of these leaders work inside CMS (and the Catalyst group) and some work outside (alumni, clients and partners). Though informal, the combined leadership support in the form of mentoring, coaching, counselling and capacity development have delivered significant results.

How have we helped transform?

We directly and indirectly contribute to significant development outcomes, which are often independently assessed. With the help of committed, confident, capacitate and result-oriented leaders we have: