Health, Life skills and Well-being
10 August 2020
Confidence & Well-being
10 August 2020
Gender & Well-being
10 August 2020
Innovative Financing: Adjusting to the Waves of Change
14 November 2019
Scaling big data in Agriculture
23 October 2019
Social Impact Organisations: The Constant Juggle between Social Impact and Financial Viability
16 October 2019
Reducing Ocean Plastics - Formative Research leading to Intervention Planning in India
The overwhelming plastic waste reaching ocean has been causing significant economic and environmental damage
1 October 2019
Gaming the wait
25 February 2019
Task Shifting of HIV Screening in Sex Worker Communities
22 February 2019
From Designing and Implementing impact evaluations
Impact evaluations are now a part and parcel of international development grants.
4 September 2018
Why care for robust secondary data
Choice of research methodology is largely determined by the research questions -- what we want to find out, and what will help us do that best. But practical considerations such as the availability of resources (including the type of data available and the knowledge and skills of the persons undertaking the research) also influence the method we choose to employ.
4 September 2018
Measuring the Immeasurable
4 September 2018
The importance of fit-for-purpose research design
4 September 2018
Using Evidence to Influence Program Design
Breakthrough’s Early Marriage Campaign, implemented in three districts of the Indian States of Jharkhand and Bihar, aims to utilise a media (mass and community) programme that challenges existing norms around gender and sexuality, for discouraging the practice of early marriage.
4 September 2018
Creating Social Value
4 September 2018
What Builds an Effective Information Exchange and Communication System for Disaster Response
Calling information a “life-saving resource”, the World Disasters Report, 2005 noted: “Disaster-affected people need information as much as water, food, medicine or shelter: accurate, timely information can save lives.”
4 September 2018
Inclusive Business Models
4 September 2018