Our Services

We partner with for-impact organisations and donors to design and execute use-focussed evaluations and research using rigorous and fit-for-purpose methodologies. We specialise in:

We believe in plurality of methodologies and have delivered quality impact evaluation through rigorous experimental, quasi-experimental designs, with mixed methods and participatory approaches as relevant, covering large sample sizes across multiple states. We have carried out over 100 project/ programme evaluations and organisational assessments, using methods and approach that helps communities and programme staff to reflect, assess, learn and apply strategies. We have developed many tools for programme evaluations, such as Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool, Balanced Scorecard, Sustainability Index, and also employ appropriate indices that are internationally recognised such as PPI (Progress out of Poverty Index) , MPI (Multidimensional Poverty Index), WIAE (Women in Agricultural Empowerment Index) Index. Our tools have been demonstrated in a variety of domains and issues, such as innovations in education, child rights, activity based learning, domestic violence, early marriage, productivity enhancement in crops, social exclusion, livestock improvement, community-led learning outcome initiatives, etc.

We bring the best of the multi-disciplinary experts in research and evaluations, from academic institutions and outside through existing partnerships to address key requirements for every engagement. We have partnered with experts from Stanford University, University of Reading, University of Oregon, Purdue University, Institute of Rural Management, Indian Statistical Institute, etc. We have high capabilities for data analysis— quantitative as well as qualitative, and we appropriately incorporate issues of gender, social inclusion, and environment in every engagement, to ensure that the the research and evaluations address issues comprehensively.

Some key examples of our work in this area: