The story behind CMS logo

About Us

The new CMS logo is here! To capture the essence of our journey so far, and our vision for the future.

The logo says CMS, not Catalyst or Catalyst Management Services. We stayed away from “Catalyst Management Services” to set ourselves apart from the many other “management services” present in the market. The other element of the new logo – Social Impact Specialists – is the biggest (and boldest) change that we have incorporated. This is recognition of the fact that we, CMS, occupy a unique position in the social sector, distinct from other consultants. We work solely in the social sector, on social causes. With twenty-years of presence in the sector across multiple themes, we can confidently say that we make an impact, as against merely being “provider of services” or just “involved”. In essence we are ‘specialists’, not ‘generalists’ – specialists for ensuring social impact.

Here is our old (since inception) and new logo, side by side.

The typeface, lettering style, is modern and contemporary and has purposely been kept as a thick font to reflect strength, solidity and to ensure that the logo is visible even in small sizes.

A lot of thought and discussions went into the choice of colours. Overall this colour combination gives a bright and vibrant look to denote the energy in everything we do. The colour purple denotes ‘heritage’, which we are proud of and which makes us the ‘specialists’ that we are. Green represents ‘growth’, which is what we consistently work towards, for ourselves as an organization, as individuals within, and as our contribution to our clients. The mirror facing ‘1’ created in the ‘M’ by the two colours reflects the fact that we are the best at what we do. This further translates to those who partner us being, or becoming, the best at what they do.

The ‘kite arrow’ visual above the ‘S’ finds its place on two counts. One, it is a depiction of the modern, contemporary version of the straight arrow that was part of our previous logo. Two, it signifies that we aim to fly high along with our partners and will never stop exploring new ideas and ways of working.

That in sum is the thinking behind the new CMS logo.