Our Themes

We consulting on projects in the gender space, including gender perspectives and support to other development initiatives. Gender has been the cross-cutting theme of many of our research, review and evaluation studies in areas of poverty, financial inclusion, social protection, livelihoods and governance.

We have adopted various gender frameworks such as the World Banks’s agency opportunity framework, and the women’s empowerment in agriculture index of IFPRI. We contributed to developing an innovative reporting module on a mobile application that helps track escalating experience of gender based violence (GBV), focusing on prevention and mitigation of violence. We also quality assured the DOT tool developed for use in factories, where the workforce is often not literate. The DOT tool utilises a survey, using dots to capture responses about the work environment, where the colours of the dots indicate the level of action required to prevent GBV.

We evaluated the Ujjawala scheme, addressing trafficking and violence issues in all districts of Karnataka, supported by UNICEF, to enhance the programme outcomes.